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 Post subject: Two articles by sociologist Ashley Frawley
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Two articles by sociologist Ashley Frawley

The dystopia of the child-protection industry
From Norway to Britain, more kids are being seized from their parents., 9 August 2018

"Approaches to child protection in Nordic countries are often held up as examples that other nations should emulate. However, the BBC recently reported on ‘Norway’s hidden scandal’ – a system too quick to remove children from parents on increasingly dubious grounds."

"Then there is the alarming revelation that one of the ‘child experts’ playing a key role in many of these removals has himself been charged with possession of child pornography. It reveals a horrifying system that is the result of turning ‘parenting’ into an expertise that most people are presumed not to possess."

"Yet Norway is often heralded as a shining example. The Welsh government has recently announced plans to push through legislation to remove the defence of reasonable chastisement in relation to smacking children, despite the fact that polls suggest a majority of the population is against criminalising smacking. Ministers claim that the change is meant to ‘send a message’ about how children should be raised and that the intention is not to criminalise parents.
    Similar promises were made in New Zealand, and they turned out to be untrue. There is no reason to believe that the UK will be any different to New Zealand or Norway. There is already a huge problem in the UK with over-intervention into family life. A recent study found that 22.5 per cent of children born in the 2009/2010 financial year were referred to social services before their 5th birthday."


Scottish parents don't want a smacking ban, 26 October 2017

"But rather than serving to protect children, banning smacking will mean that even the slightest disciplinary tap will be treated as abuse."

"But this isn’t just about smacking. For campaigners in support of the ban, being a parent isn’t a messy, sometimes frustrating, banal but also joyful part of everyday life – it’s a series of evidence-based techniques. To them, everyday parents are woefully inept at the tough business of family life. Smacking is symbolic of parenting styles with which they are deeply suspicious – that is, anything besides their own faddish ‘positive parenting’. Woe betide anyone who fails to consult the literature before disciplining their child; they’re coming for you next.
    There are many ways to raise children, and we’re all entitled to our opinion. But we are not entitled to prosecute those who don’t share our views – this is precisely what anti-smacking crusaders are trying to do."

"It is worth noting that this change in legislation is not being demanded by the public. Indeed, smacking bans are one manifestation of the sorry state of democracy in some countries. New Zealand banned smacking in 2007 in spite of fierce opposition. The result of a 2009 referendum on smacking, in which 87 per cent voted to overturn the ban, was completely ignored. Scotland is no different. Indeed, the SNP’s election manifesto specifically promised that the party would not criminalise smacking. Instituting a ban now would belie the claim that Scots live in a functioning democracy."
    Policymakers need to ask themselves to whom they are accountable – their own constituents (the vast majority of whom oppose the criminalisation of smacking) or a small group of cultural elites who consider themselves parenting experts?"



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