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 Post subject: Perceptive article in Catholic Herald, UK
PostPosted: Wed Apr 18, 2018 10:21 am 
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Perceptive article in Catholic Herald, UK

Ed Condon:
Governments and courts are turning parenting into an Orwellian nightmare
Catholic Herald, 12 April 2018

(Ed Condon is a canon lawyer and a contributing editor of the Cathoic Herald.)

"Across Western countries, families that have managed to buck the trend of our atomised secular society are under active assault from governments and courts. Indeed, with the extended family having been effectively killed off as a social force more than a generation ago, the concepts of the nuclear family and parenthood are now under open attack.
    As the state has grown to fill the spaces formerly occupied by the family, it has assumed an absolute authority over parents and children which is genuinely chilling. In this country, it is now an offence to take a child on holiday during term time without permission: for 38 weeks a year, the state, not the parent, is the final arbiter of where a child may or may not go.
    In Scotland, the infamous Named Person scheme, in which every child is to have a government employee designated to track their progress and assess their family life, continues to advance despite opposition and delays. Supporters of the plan dress it up in the cloying language of “caring government” but cannot conceal the basic premise that parents are a suspect class who need constant monitoring."

"South of the border, it has broadly escaped public notice that already parental rights exist only under government sufferance. The UK’s Supreme Court has ruled that in any significant dispute about what is in a child’s best interest, the child must have an “independent” (meaning state-appointed) voice. This interpretation of the 1989 Children Act, which was meant to safeguard the interests of children when parents disagreed, has been broadened to include disagreements between unified parents and other authorities, be they educational, medical, or governmental. As the tragic cases of Charlie Gard and Alfie Evans have shown, the results are a matter of life and death."

"The breakneck speed with which the gender agenda has gone from internet joke to policy priority is dizzying. But it has been substantially enabled by decades of erosion of the family in law and society, the sum total of which has been the rejection of the basic function of a parent – to form the child."


About the Scottish Named Person scheme:
June Conway: Some ethical objections to the 'Named Person Scheme"



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