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 Post subject: Developments in Czechia, Romania and Latvia
PostPosted: Tue Jan 02, 2018 8:45 am 
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Developments in Czechia, Romania and Latvia

Actions like what Norwegian child protection (CPS) – Barnevernet – carries out are fairly established all over the Western world. It varies from time to time how intense the maltreatment of families and deportation of children are, and court procedure, forced adoptation away of the children, reasons given for removing children, may vary, but the fundamental ideology is similar, and it is based on faulty, speculative psychobabble and unrealistic ideas of the "good" effects on adults as well as on the children of the power over them being in the hands of social workers and other CPS-engaged people.

But exercising this system within their own countries is not enough for these countries. They are eagerly spreading it to other countries too. On a global basis, Unicef and Save the Children are instrumental in spreading ideology and propaganda for ideas which imply that biological parents are fundamentally just about the most dangerous persons for a child, and that incredible demands and suspiciousness should be directed to parents, while the employees of the public sector, such as social workers, foster parents, personnel at child institutions, psychologists and others, are tacitly assumed to be free from anything but unselfish drives when they take power over children at the expense of the children's families.

Locally here in Norway, we can witness how our country has for a long time been spending a lot of money on "teaching" the Eastern European states to follow in our footsteps and encouraging them to set up systems for child protection just like ours, and how Norway generously sponsors cooperation and mutual visits in this sector.
Norwegian child protection active as teachers in Estonia?
Forum Redd Våre Barn (Rescue our children), 31 May 2015
En merkverdighet: Rumensk delegasjon i Sogn og Fjordane i april skryter av hvor storartet Norge er? (Peculiar indeed: Romanian delegation to Sogn og Fjordane county in April talks admiringly about how wonderful Norway is?)
Forum Redd Våre Barn (Rescue Our Children), 27 August 2016


Both in Romania and the Czech Republic there are politicians showing signs of not having learnt much from the Bodnariu case and the Michaláková case respectively, although there are also politicians and others protesting loud and clear against Western style "protection" of children, and trying to stop the copying of the West, notably in Czechia. In Latvia there seem to be better developments at the moment, with a clear reaction, reaching even to politicians, against the way Western "child protection" has resulted in Latvian children being confiscated abroad, especially in Britain and the Nordic countries.


Romanian authorities in the mood for "child rights" ?
Forum Redd Våre Barn (Rescue our children), 12 December 2017


Vaclav Klaus Jr., Czech MP:
“Stay Strong To Every Loving Parent, Anywhere”, 31 July 2017
"Unfortunately, in 2012 Czech Republic adopted an amendment to the law which has the same approach to “protect” children as Norway (who strongly supported this amendment). We set out on the way we must never go, we must not implement more control over families but we must protect traditional family and its irreplaceable role and value in society. Since last amendment to the law we have seen in Czech Republic rapid increase in the number of child neglect cases (cases handled by social workers have grown 6 times since 2006)."

Mr Klaus also pointed to the situation following from this legislation from 2012 in his speech at the demonstration against Norwegian Barnevernet in Prague in 2015, saying (at time 01:25-01:50):
"We already have the very similar "Barnevernet" law, we already have paid foster parents so people don't take kids for giving them love but to get money. We have those so called non-profit organizations that organize the whole process. Now it is just about waiting when all the current social workers will be replaced by the zealous activists. Then the same inferno starts here as well."

Julija Stepanenko, Latvian MP:
Latvia Fights Back for its Children, 1 January 2018



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