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 Post subject: Do criminals have more rights than parents in Tennessee?
PostPosted: Tue Feb 13, 2018 8:31 am 
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Do criminals have more rights than parents in Tennessee?

Exactly the same all over the Western World: Accusations taken out of air (mentally unstable because she reported?); downright cruelty to a child, telling him that his grandfather didn't want him.

Dennis Ferrier, Fox 17 News:
Do criminals have more rights than parents in Tennessee?
News Channell 9 abc, 14 November 2017

And here:

FERRIER FILES: Do criminals have more rights than parents in Tennessee?
Fox 17 News Nashville, no date

"It all started when Tori’s 3-year-old son told her something inappropriate happened to him when he was with their father. The couple is divorced.
    Tori followed the law and reported it to DCS."

"Remember, there is no allegation against Tori Harper, yet DCS asked her to surrender her kids on the spot and relinquish custody during the investigation."

"The next day she said DCS secretly went to Williamson County Juvenile Judge Sharon Guffee and asked for an ex-parte order to get custody of the kids. The judge signed the order even though Tori wasn’t present to defend herself.
    DCS claimed Tori Harper was mentally unstable..."

"Her lawyer, family law specialist Connie Reguli, said this is standard practice, and it is nasty stuff."

"Once police finally arrived at the home, they brought a new court order signed by Judge Guffee giving DCS custody of the kids, who were going into foster care that night."

"The oldest boy Ethan still remembers that night.
'I was scared,' Ethan said. 'When I got in the car, I started crying. They told me my grandpa didn’t want me. He had never told me that. It hurt my heart.' "

Standard procedure again, in several countries. The CPS allow themselves to tell children that parents or grandparents do not care for them. CPS will defend this with a reasoning which they have been taught: that if a parent/grandparent cares for a child, he/she will do everything the CPS want. Any disagreement with the CPS is used as a proof that the (grand)parent is selfish.

"The children were in state custody for two months.
    Family law attorney Connie Reguli said this story may sound shocking, but it is common.
    'Criminals have more rights and protections than parents,' Reguli said. 'Once they have your children in the system they are in total control...and while this may have a happy ending. There are scars and trauma, real trauma.'
Her son Andrew now believes in monsters and holds his mom's hair, praying they will never come back."

"DCS said the law prohibits it from commenting on specific juvenile cases but pointed out that all of its actions were approved by a judge. Tennessee judges are also prohibited from discussing cases."

So the judge also approved telling the boy that his grandfather did not want him?


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